Evening, & morning, & noon, will I pray, & cry aloud: & He shall hear my voice. Psalms 55:17

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Beginnings

My hubby snapped this picture on Christmas Eve while we were baking christmas cookies for Santa.

I am soooo sad that my son is going back to school. I have enjoyed him being home so much that I don't want things to change again. I know, I know, he's only really gone for 6 hrs in the day, but back to school also means back to a busier schedule all around. It's just different. This vacation time has made me realize that I need to make the most of enjoying his time home & not be caught up in other less important things. I thank the Lord for he & my hubby who fill my life with laughter & love. I feel so very blessed.


Alicia said...

I know....time goes by so fast!! One minute they're 6, then you blink your eyes and they're teenagers!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Awesome picture. I hear ya. We are blessed with such great families.

Kelly said...

The vacation did go by so fast!! The kids were bummed... I was too in a way. I had two incredible helpers at home to help with "monkey"!! But then again, there is something to be said for two less children during the day and being back in a routine for everyone's sake!! Have a great day!