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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Misery Into Laughter

Today I started exercising to a Tae-Bo video & my 5 year old decided to join me. He came in dressed in his power ranger costume from last hallowen & tried to imitate Billy Blanks in a tough, kill-the-enemy sort of way, with sound effects & all. "Look how high I can kick, Mom!" "I can really punch!" "Hiiiya!" "I'm tough, huh mom!" Entertainment indeed! It helped me to keep my mind off of how much I didn't want to be doing this.

I began concentrating on the moves & was actually breaking a sweat, when I heard my little power ranger shout,"I'm not made for this!" MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! I was laughing so hard I was getting cramps in my side. (Actually, that might have been from the crunches.)
Then he plopped down & the couch & started coaching me: "HE SAID double time, Mom, DO DOUBLE TIME!" I am, son. "Go faster, mom, you can do it!" How fast does he expect me to go? "I guess you aren't made for, this either, huh mom." I think he felt sorry for me. He said I could stop whenever I wanted to. Thanks, hon.

After a few minutes of silence from the sidelines I heard giggling; then "You have polka-dots on your undees, mom!" (As if I didn't know. But wait...) "How do you know I have polka-dots?" He turned serious when he said "Mom, you shouldn't ever wear those shorts in public. You can see up 'em when you kick."

My Power Ranger winding down from exercise with a movie & a cheeseburger. Lucky Guy!


Kelly said...

Way to look out for mom!! So classic!! A true power ranger!

Alicia said...

Oh that was too funny!!

I love Tae Bo! I wsa so into it when it first came out 7/8 yrs ago! I even got the automatical VHS'S tapes when a new one would come out! Now, I'm stuck back to the basic tape,but it titled "Inspirational", so it's to Christian music! I love it. My kids will do it w/ me too, and I have to tell them to watch out or they might get kicked! LOL.

Shannon said...

I love the muscles on that outfit. His hair's getting a little longer. I bet you love it with the curls.
"Double time" I can barely do regular time with Tae-Bo!

He And Me + 3 said...

That is so hysterical. I used to do Tae Bo. I was so into it one time I kicked one of the kids over. I do warn them...they just never listen. LOL They were fine. Glad he steered clear and stuck to coaching. :) Best of luck with the exercising!

Daphine said...

Too funny! Wow! You're starting the year off right, huh? I so need to exercise too!

Happy New Year!