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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interview #2

Note to self: "Always get coffee for Mr. K when we are in the waiting room."
I've been making mental notes all day in trying to figure out my role with this elderly couple. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, visit yesterdays post.) Did I say this would be difficult? We were in the waiting room to get their bloodwork done & I was making small talk, thinking I'd done a good job so far. That is, until I hear, "If I had an assistant I'd have some coffee by now!" It was a half-joking-but-mostly-serious comment to which I replied, "Yeah, where is she?" We laughed, but you better believe that Mr. K had his coffee with one packet of sugar, in less than 60 seconds.

Question to self: "How do I know whether to respond to her or to the Alzheimers?" They called Mrs. K to go back & I stood to go with her when she turned & said, "no, I can go by myself." Mr. K confirmed that was okay but what do I do if we are alone together? How do I know if she will go wondering the hospital by herself, lost, because I wasn't with her? I know she wants to, but can she, & how do I know. I don't want her to feel as if I'm babysitting her, (remember, this is touchy) but ultimately safety comes first. That was a scary uncertain moment I'm sure I'll face again.

Note to self: Let Mrs. K drive. We were leaving & Mr. K said, "let's test you to see how well you drive", & he handed me the keys. Remember that feeling when you were behind the wheel at age 16 & the goverment official was beside you deciding whether you should get your drivers license or not? That's what I felt like except this time the test would be in my boss's new Lexus. I was silently relieved when Mrs. K snatched the keys from my hand & said, "not in my car!"

Note to self: "Mr. K is a joker but interpret him seriously." My biggest flub-up yet was when we were preparing brunch. The daughter made a fritatta & served it with bagels, to which she had an array of toppings set out for us to choose from. I asked Mr. K what he would like on his bagel & he said, "cream cheese, dead fish & a tomato." (What the heck does that mean?) OK then. I made a quick decision to follow through with his request & put on cream cheese, what smelled rancid enough to be dead fish, & tomato. (Now here I have to tell you that I am not a seafood person so I wouldn't know one dead fish from another if it slapped me in the face!) I put the plate in front of him & he gives me this puzzled look- obviously I've done something wrong. I ask him what that look means when the daughter came to my aid explaining that this was not fish, persay, it is crab from last night, & she points to the other counter where the real fish was. I go to the other counter & bring over some cooked meat wrapped in saran wrap & she says,"no honey, this is lamb chops, you're looking for salmon." Right, okay... I eventually got it right & we all got a laugh out of it. Sort of.

Note to self: "I have big shoes to fill." One of my duties will be to cook & provide meals for them. I learned today that Mrs. K went to a cooking school in Italy, they have a son who owns a restaurant, the daughter follows in their footsteps, & Mr. K enjoys the benefits of his culinary family. As for me, I would be voted off of one of those reality cooking shows after the first challenge. I'll have to rely on my dad's Chicken & dumplins, & my moms pot roast & potatoes for as long as I can. No pressure.

Assessment: First thought, pretty confident. Second thought, scared to death of what I don't know. Can't think about the details, start freaking out.
Plan: Meet again tomorrow with one of his "people" to go over things. (Not sure what this means but maybe it will help.) Keep wowing them with my personality & charm. =0) Trust the Lord.

Note to self: "Breathe."

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He And Me + 3 said...

OMGosh...I was on the edge of my seat. Those two are very humorous. I can say one thing...you won't have a dull day at work. :)