Evening, & morning, & noon, will I pray, & cry aloud: & He shall hear my voice. Psalms 55:17

Friday, January 23, 2009

Interview #3

I have nothing left. I'm drained. This interview today was super intense. She started out exactly like this:
"So, are you a nurse?"
"No, I said."
"So you must be a "CNA"
"Any experience doing this?"
"Then what are you doing here?"

The lady that came today was a home health coordinator & a long time friend of Mr. & Mrs. K. She had only ever put nurses in the role of companion & was a little put off, I think, about the fact that I was even thinking that I could do this. I felt like a sheep-she was the wolf who was tearing me apart & spitting me out. She wasn't mean, persay, but she was serious. She asked me alot of blunt questions that I answered as well as I could. I am feeling that someone, like a nurse, who is trained in this kind of thing would know exactly what her role is with this couple & what they needed each day. She would know all about alzheimers & old people & how to handle situations.
Answer questions for me? Not specifically. It did give me a little better feel for what I might be doing, but there is still so much unknown that will only be found out through trial & error. Yes, I feel a great deal of pressure, yes it is uncertain; but I know myself. I know my personality & my strengths. And I am confident enough to know that I can do this job & do it well. (I actually said that to her. I'm not sure where it came from.)

The interview ended by me telling them that I understand if they need a professional with more qualifications than I. She responded with this: "Let me tell you something. You have heart. I've been doing this for more years than I can count & I've learned that it takes more than a license to make a great companion." Aahhh... a ray of hope!

My head is spinning. I find out tomorrow if I get the job. I hope I sleep tonight. The one thing I know is if the Lord has planned for me to have this job then I will get it- despite the facts.


He And Me + 3 said...

Wow...that interview did start out intimidating. You did well though. You are right...if God wants you to have it, then it will happen regardless of who else interviewed.

Davisix said...

That's exactly right, Jess. Please rest well knowing that. Thinking of you today. xoxo Ang