Evening, & morning, & noon, will I pray, & cry aloud: & He shall hear my voice. Psalms 55:17

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I got off of work early & was so excited that I could come home to blog! They asked me to stay late but NO WAY! If they schedule me til 11pm then I don't mind working it, but it's hard to stay on when I've been looking forward to going home early. Sometimes I do, but not tonight. So here I am! YAY!!

There is so much I'd like to blog about & it seems my fingers are typing unusually fast tonight. Maybe the 30 degree temp. is keeping me moving, but I like it. I'm a one finger typer (yes, it's true & I'm embarrassed to admit it) & I make alot of mistakes as I go, so it takes me a really long time to get my words out on the screen. A typing class is on my list of things I'd like to accomplish- but that is a blog for another night.

I want to tell you about my new job! Well, I think my new job. It's not official yet, but it seems promising. I have been searching for a job but I want one that I really enjoy- I don't just want to scan groceries all day & I don't want to clean houses again, but nothing seems to jump out at me. I want a job where I can really use my abilities & where I enjoy going every morning. Something that becomes more to me than just a job that I can do while my son is in school. I've not been sure what that is, but it's getting to the point in our finances that I have to do something- & SOON. A few weeks ago I got this call from a friend of the family telling me about an opportunity she thought would suit me. There are more than a few obstacles in taking on this job, so I had pretty much written it off. She is the kind, though, that, doesn't let things go- thankfully for me- so I checked into it. You know, it just might be what I've been looking for!

I went for an interview today in the home of an elderly couple. I will be their caretaker of sorts. The wife officially has alzhiemers but is in the early stages of the disease. She is just realizing that she is forgetting & not able to do things that she used to do & I can tell it is frustrating her. The husband, I can tell, is under alot of stress about this whole thing. The daughter who is down for a visit is really worried about them & has taken charge of alot in their home, much to the obvious displeasure of her mother. There is alot of tension- it would all be so hard. Their doctor is the one who suggested that they get someone to come in & help them & was the one to set this whole last-minute thing up; so at this point none of us are certain what it is that I need to be doing. I am a pretty easy going person so I don't mind the figure-it-out-as-I-go & make-alot-of-mistakes-in-the-process aspect of it all. I'm up for the challenge! I'm not nieve, though- I know this will be tough at times, & I am a bit nervous about it all. But I've learned in my life that God just seems to drop these kind of odd things into my life for one reason or another (and right when I need them) so I know I can't pass this up. I'm looking forward to what I will learn & what might come from this. I'm looking forward to this new adventure.
Listen to me, I'm talking like I have the job & I don't yet. Tomorrow I go again to take them to get some bloodwork done & I'm not sure what else. I think they just want to spend a bit more time with me before they decide if they like me or not. I will post tomorrow evening to let you know how it goes. Pray for me! I'm nervous!


Kelly said...

I think you will do great!!

He And Me + 3 said...

That sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Praying!