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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Updates

Good Morning Ladies!
I don't have to work today so I have alot to do, but I wanted to steal a quick minute to tell you a few things. I plan on visiting you all tonight when I settle in - an event I am looking forward to- see you then!

First & most importantly: SHANNON SAYS "HELLO!" I spoke to her over the weekend, & she is doing as well as can be expected. No, she did not say, "I am doing well"... it was actually the opposite... but in light of the fact that they just cut her heart open & she could be doing alot worse, I'd say she's doing well. She is, however, in a great deal of pain still- the clutch-the-pillow-&-shake kind of pain, & the medicines only work to dull it. They had to break her chest bone & pull it back to reach the heart which seems to be what is giving her the most reprocussions. She can barely move because of the pain of the broken bones & tissue injury, which makes every day tasks like pouring a glass of milk impossible (sleeping's tough, too). We don't realize how much we depend on our ability to move our arms, bend, twist & turn until we can't anymore. It will take quite some time for that to heal. Her kids were to be coming home last weekend, & I know she was DYING to see them, but as you can imagine that is going to be a challenge. Her dear mom & sister (& of course her great hubby) are helping to take care of her & the kids but she could use a little love.
If you want to send her an email or ecard then send it to my address & I will fwd it to her- griffinjupiter@aol.com. Shannon DOES read our blogs but she can't type yet so make sure to say hello in your blog, & feel free to pass along this message!

Secondly: Yes, I got the job! I was pretty excited! I started last weekend (just to kick off) so I've been there for 4 days already, & I have to say it is pretty high stress so far. One minute I think I'm doing great & the next minute a bomb drops! I expect that it will get better as things settle into a routine but for me it is all about reading them to get clues into what it is they need from me. The one thing they did say in the beginning is that I was to provide meals, so I've occupied myself alot in the kitchen. I've enjoyed it but I know I am, in a sense, taking over Mrs. K's role, & she knows it, so it makes it tough. It's a darn good thing that I am cooking, though, because that is the only certain thing in my mind & it gives me something to do when I don't know what else there is & I don't wan't Mrs. K to feel like I'm babysitting. I've taken her shopping, we've been for a walk, & talked about her days as a young mom. Though she is still bright & independent, I am discovering the alzhiemers in her more & more as we're together, & I'm still learning how to guide her when she needs it & to let her be as independent as she can be. They are GREAT people, & for that I am glad, but the change is hard for everyone. Lots of things have gone on that I could write about but I'm trying not to reconjure it on my day off- I can feel my stress level rising just writing this. It will just take time- I'll keep you posted as I go.

Have a great day! I'm off to get things done around here!


He And Me + 3 said...

Will continue to pray for Shannon and How cool that you got the job. That is awesome news.

Kelly said...

Great news on the job!! Thanks for the update on Shannon!!

Shannon said...

I so love you!!! And I'm glad I can do a little more typing now. I can go about 10 minutes without hurting too bad. Hopefully I will post tomorrow. I've been working on one a few days. Love Love Love you!!!