Evening, & morning, & noon, will I pray, & cry aloud: & He shall hear my voice. Psalms 55:17

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Little Things, Big Things

This blog is coming directly to you from..... you guessed it....My New Laptop!! Yes, it's true! This one was totally free! I'm not kidding you! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! (Can you tell by how many exclamation points I'm using?!) God is so amazing! He's alive!-in case you had any doubts. (Those of you who have not been following my blog must know that I'd asked God for one recently. See esp. last Monday's blog)
I got a call from one of my husband's customers saying that she'd cleaned out her closets to get ready for holiday company & she had some stuff I might like for our son: along with a laptop that wasn't "really worth mentioning because it's so slow...so, nevermind about that." NEVERMIND!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
I tried to play it cool. "Oh, OK, I'll take a look at it."
Well, I certainly don't know what it is that I was supposed to be looking at, but I knew it was a laptop, & I KNEW it was an answer to prayer. I couldn't help but be excited! I wanted to blog right there! "Oh, yeah, the stuff for my son..." God is so awesome! (FYI: I'm not very good at playing it cool. Never take me car shopping.)
She wasn't kidding about this computer being slow, but I was willing to endure anything to be able to blog whenever my little heart desires. After I picked it up, my hubby & I took it to a computer store (yeah, my hubby's awesome, too) to see what they could do for it. When they opened it up they all gathered around it & laughed as if it should be next to the cross-eyed elephant in a circus act or something. "Hey, I'm proud of this thing." When I told them it was free they changed their tune & got right to work on making it like new. Turns out it had almost 40 viruses & a whole bunch of stuff on it that I didn't need! $29.99 later, it runs like a gem!

I don't know why God did this for me. I certainly don't deserve it. A laptop... let's face it... it certainly isn't up up there on the list of really important things. There are alot more urgent things in this life to be praying about. I love knowing, though, that He hears the small prayers that come from our hearts. Isaiah 62:4 just came to mind: "The Lord delights in you." I make God smile? Cool thought. I guess it's similar to the smiles I get hearing my son in his room having so much fun with the $.99 car I just gave him. The depth of love & delight that He has for me. It's simple, but so much bigger. I can't wrap my brain around it. But I'm glad for it. Thankyou, Lord, for the little/big things.

(I like this one, too)
Ephesians 3:18 & 19 "That you may be able to comprehend what is the breadth, & length, & depth, & height; and to know the love of Christ, which passes understanding, that you might be filled with all the fulness of God."


Shannon said...

How awesome!!! You had me laughing out loud about playing it cool. Then tears in my eyes about the Lords faithfulness. Love this post and I'm so happy about your laptop!!

Davisix said...

I LOVE this post!!! YAY you and YAY YAY YAY God....whew hoo! God so rocks! xoxox Ang

Kelly said...

So great!! Isn't it cool!! I would pray for stuff not thinking that he really wanted to hear me whine about what I want, and wouldn't you know my hubby would get a small treat from a vendor. IT happened to be the exact thing I prayed for. I love it when the Lord says "yes", but humble myself when HE says "no"!!