Evening, & morning, & noon, will I pray, & cry aloud: & He shall hear my voice. Psalms 55:17

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sorry, All

My computer was down all day today. It's working now, in just enough time to write this little bit cause I head off to work in just a few. I'll get it together, I promise. Thanks to all you faithful ones who stopped in. I hope you had a great day, too.


Shannon said...

Sorry about the computer. I forgot to tell you that U-verse thing from AT&T sounded pretty good once we looked it up but you'll have to make sure they have an adapter for the older computer.
We'll talk tomorrow!

Davisix said...

Thank you so much for the comment you left today. It really meant a lot to me. I'm sorry about your computer problems though. Yuck! :/