Evening, & morning, & noon, will I pray, & cry aloud: & He shall hear my voice. Psalms 55:17

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday In Motion

This is my first NOT ME MONDAY!! I have to say that Monday is already in full swing.

I DID NOT... turn off my alarm & fall back asleep.

I DID NOT... open the dryer this morning to find red crayon melted on every one of my son's school uniforms. No, I did not forget to check his pockets before I washed & dried them. I did not put a sticky note on my son that said "yes, my clothes are clean."

I DID NOT... melt cheddar cheese on his bagel this morning because I forgot to buy cream cheese to go with it.

I DID NOT... run around like a crazy woman this morning trying to find the twenty dollars I misplaced. I did not set it down without noticing where when I realized my dog was next door pestering my o-so-perfect neighbors.

I DID NOT... have to go to the office at school today because my son was over an hour late. That would be embarrassing.

I DID NOT... I did not stop on the way home to pick 2 buckets of paint out of someone's trash pile because they would look great in my living room. I did not stop again to load 2 dozen pavers into my van from someone else's pile. I was not bouncing up & down with joy over my find because paint & pavers are usually so expensive.

I DID NOT... call a bunch of pest control companies this morning to ask if my name was in their computer, because I was looking for the one I used before. I would have filed all that info, & would not have misplaced it.

I DID NOT... purchase this cute miniature version of a level at the hardware store yesterday. (You know-a level- that tool with the bubbles in it that tells you what straight is.) I did not think that if I put it on my keys & saw it often, then maybe it would somehow help me to keep my head on straight.



Shannon said...

An hour late!!! You're 1/2 a mile away! I like that little level. If it works for you to help keep your head on straight I will be going directly to the store to buy one for myself. Love you!

Kelly said...

Good and funny list. I like the idea with the level and seriously laughing out loud at putting a sticky note on your son saying his uniform is "clean".

LucieP said...

I LOVE YOUR IDEA OF THE LEVEL! I may need to go buy one...wonder if they come in pink?! And the idea of the sticky note is GREAT! I need to try that next time! (Instead of telling my 8 yr old- "if your teacher asks why you're later, just tell her it was one of those mornings"....hahahaha!

Davisix said...

Oh my gosh Jessica...you are CRACKING ME UP!!! Love the level...that was my favorite. And at least that was a partial pic of YOU! ;) Ang

McCrakensx4 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Very cute list and very cute level! And oh, the dryer and the crayon, been there, done that, and that is NOT fun! Your little one is a cutie!