Evening, & morning, & noon, will I pray, & cry aloud: & He shall hear my voice. Psalms 55:17

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


On St. Patrick's Day, as on any school morning, I laid my son's clothes out for him in his room for him to get dressed. This is how he came out- with a big blue sun hat, green lei, his reading medal, & playing the harmonica. I love when my son gets goofy! He wore this garb to school & played his harmonica all the way to class. I wasn't about to stop him.
PS. Yes, he was clean when I sent him to school. I took this pic later that day but I had to bribe him with a dollar to play his harmonica again so I could take a picture.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not ME Monday!

Well, ladies, here we go again for another fun round of things we definitely did not do! I have to start writing things down because honestly, I don't remember what I DID NOT do by the time Monday rolls around. But this week one specific thing marked my events:

I DID NOT just sign up on Facebook when I swore I would never get on that thing! Yes, I could have resisted. Yes, I do have all the time in the world for things like that!

I DO NOT love it!

I HAVE NOT stayed up way too late to Facebook almost every night since! I am more responsible than that.

I DID NOT have to roll my windows down & turn the radio up just to get home from work without falling asleep!

No, I AM NOT neglecting my laundry because of it!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I thought I'd give a stab at Friday funnies. Enjoy! PS. Pause My music.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Hello Ladies! I know I dropped off the planet for a while but I'm back into cyberspace- & so glad to be here. My life recently has taken many turns & changed in alot of ways- all for the better. I feel so grateful to the Lord! He never lets me sit stalemate for too long & always knows what I need to stir me up! I'll be sharing with you as I go, I'm sure. I am really looking forward to updating on you & your family, so instead of writing too much today I think I'm gonna pay each of you a long-overue visit. Thanks for not giving up on me!! xoxoxo Jess

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Give Thanks

XEROX is doing something cool: If you go to this website, www.LetsSayThanks.com, you can pick out a thankyou card and XEROX will print it & send it to a soldier serving overseas. It is a neat site with many cards like this one from kids drawings. It's great to do as a family to get our kids involved, too.

I found this quote among many others from our military:

Thank you so much for the post card. It is so nice to receive things in the mail here. Some would not believe it but the simple good feeling of going to the company mail room and the clerk saying "Yes, you have mail" is an uplifting experience. Even if it’s just a letter saying "hi" makes our day! Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.

- An Army Sergeant

Despite what you feel on the war & stuff, we still cannot deny that our own are sacrificing for our comfort & safety. What they do is honorable. I appreciate them very much. Enjoy! PASS IT ALONG!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Updates

Good Morning Ladies!
I don't have to work today so I have alot to do, but I wanted to steal a quick minute to tell you a few things. I plan on visiting you all tonight when I settle in - an event I am looking forward to- see you then!

First & most importantly: SHANNON SAYS "HELLO!" I spoke to her over the weekend, & she is doing as well as can be expected. No, she did not say, "I am doing well"... it was actually the opposite... but in light of the fact that they just cut her heart open & she could be doing alot worse, I'd say she's doing well. She is, however, in a great deal of pain still- the clutch-the-pillow-&-shake kind of pain, & the medicines only work to dull it. They had to break her chest bone & pull it back to reach the heart which seems to be what is giving her the most reprocussions. She can barely move because of the pain of the broken bones & tissue injury, which makes every day tasks like pouring a glass of milk impossible (sleeping's tough, too). We don't realize how much we depend on our ability to move our arms, bend, twist & turn until we can't anymore. It will take quite some time for that to heal. Her kids were to be coming home last weekend, & I know she was DYING to see them, but as you can imagine that is going to be a challenge. Her dear mom & sister (& of course her great hubby) are helping to take care of her & the kids but she could use a little love.
If you want to send her an email or ecard then send it to my address & I will fwd it to her- griffinjupiter@aol.com. Shannon DOES read our blogs but she can't type yet so make sure to say hello in your blog, & feel free to pass along this message!

Secondly: Yes, I got the job! I was pretty excited! I started last weekend (just to kick off) so I've been there for 4 days already, & I have to say it is pretty high stress so far. One minute I think I'm doing great & the next minute a bomb drops! I expect that it will get better as things settle into a routine but for me it is all about reading them to get clues into what it is they need from me. The one thing they did say in the beginning is that I was to provide meals, so I've occupied myself alot in the kitchen. I've enjoyed it but I know I am, in a sense, taking over Mrs. K's role, & she knows it, so it makes it tough. It's a darn good thing that I am cooking, though, because that is the only certain thing in my mind & it gives me something to do when I don't know what else there is & I don't wan't Mrs. K to feel like I'm babysitting. I've taken her shopping, we've been for a walk, & talked about her days as a young mom. Though she is still bright & independent, I am discovering the alzhiemers in her more & more as we're together, & I'm still learning how to guide her when she needs it & to let her be as independent as she can be. They are GREAT people, & for that I am glad, but the change is hard for everyone. Lots of things have gone on that I could write about but I'm trying not to reconjure it on my day off- I can feel my stress level rising just writing this. It will just take time- I'll keep you posted as I go.

Have a great day! I'm off to get things done around here!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Interview #3

I have nothing left. I'm drained. This interview today was super intense. She started out exactly like this:
"So, are you a nurse?"
"No, I said."
"So you must be a "CNA"
"Any experience doing this?"
"Then what are you doing here?"

The lady that came today was a home health coordinator & a long time friend of Mr. & Mrs. K. She had only ever put nurses in the role of companion & was a little put off, I think, about the fact that I was even thinking that I could do this. I felt like a sheep-she was the wolf who was tearing me apart & spitting me out. She wasn't mean, persay, but she was serious. She asked me alot of blunt questions that I answered as well as I could. I am feeling that someone, like a nurse, who is trained in this kind of thing would know exactly what her role is with this couple & what they needed each day. She would know all about alzheimers & old people & how to handle situations.
Answer questions for me? Not specifically. It did give me a little better feel for what I might be doing, but there is still so much unknown that will only be found out through trial & error. Yes, I feel a great deal of pressure, yes it is uncertain; but I know myself. I know my personality & my strengths. And I am confident enough to know that I can do this job & do it well. (I actually said that to her. I'm not sure where it came from.)

The interview ended by me telling them that I understand if they need a professional with more qualifications than I. She responded with this: "Let me tell you something. You have heart. I've been doing this for more years than I can count & I've learned that it takes more than a license to make a great companion." Aahhh... a ray of hope!

My head is spinning. I find out tomorrow if I get the job. I hope I sleep tonight. The one thing I know is if the Lord has planned for me to have this job then I will get it- despite the facts.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interview #2

Note to self: "Always get coffee for Mr. K when we are in the waiting room."
I've been making mental notes all day in trying to figure out my role with this elderly couple. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, visit yesterdays post.) Did I say this would be difficult? We were in the waiting room to get their bloodwork done & I was making small talk, thinking I'd done a good job so far. That is, until I hear, "If I had an assistant I'd have some coffee by now!" It was a half-joking-but-mostly-serious comment to which I replied, "Yeah, where is she?" We laughed, but you better believe that Mr. K had his coffee with one packet of sugar, in less than 60 seconds.

Question to self: "How do I know whether to respond to her or to the Alzheimers?" They called Mrs. K to go back & I stood to go with her when she turned & said, "no, I can go by myself." Mr. K confirmed that was okay but what do I do if we are alone together? How do I know if she will go wondering the hospital by herself, lost, because I wasn't with her? I know she wants to, but can she, & how do I know. I don't want her to feel as if I'm babysitting her, (remember, this is touchy) but ultimately safety comes first. That was a scary uncertain moment I'm sure I'll face again.

Note to self: Let Mrs. K drive. We were leaving & Mr. K said, "let's test you to see how well you drive", & he handed me the keys. Remember that feeling when you were behind the wheel at age 16 & the goverment official was beside you deciding whether you should get your drivers license or not? That's what I felt like except this time the test would be in my boss's new Lexus. I was silently relieved when Mrs. K snatched the keys from my hand & said, "not in my car!"

Note to self: "Mr. K is a joker but interpret him seriously." My biggest flub-up yet was when we were preparing brunch. The daughter made a fritatta & served it with bagels, to which she had an array of toppings set out for us to choose from. I asked Mr. K what he would like on his bagel & he said, "cream cheese, dead fish & a tomato." (What the heck does that mean?) OK then. I made a quick decision to follow through with his request & put on cream cheese, what smelled rancid enough to be dead fish, & tomato. (Now here I have to tell you that I am not a seafood person so I wouldn't know one dead fish from another if it slapped me in the face!) I put the plate in front of him & he gives me this puzzled look- obviously I've done something wrong. I ask him what that look means when the daughter came to my aid explaining that this was not fish, persay, it is crab from last night, & she points to the other counter where the real fish was. I go to the other counter & bring over some cooked meat wrapped in saran wrap & she says,"no honey, this is lamb chops, you're looking for salmon." Right, okay... I eventually got it right & we all got a laugh out of it. Sort of.

Note to self: "I have big shoes to fill." One of my duties will be to cook & provide meals for them. I learned today that Mrs. K went to a cooking school in Italy, they have a son who owns a restaurant, the daughter follows in their footsteps, & Mr. K enjoys the benefits of his culinary family. As for me, I would be voted off of one of those reality cooking shows after the first challenge. I'll have to rely on my dad's Chicken & dumplins, & my moms pot roast & potatoes for as long as I can. No pressure.

Assessment: First thought, pretty confident. Second thought, scared to death of what I don't know. Can't think about the details, start freaking out.
Plan: Meet again tomorrow with one of his "people" to go over things. (Not sure what this means but maybe it will help.) Keep wowing them with my personality & charm. =0) Trust the Lord.

Note to self: "Breathe."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I got off of work early & was so excited that I could come home to blog! They asked me to stay late but NO WAY! If they schedule me til 11pm then I don't mind working it, but it's hard to stay on when I've been looking forward to going home early. Sometimes I do, but not tonight. So here I am! YAY!!

There is so much I'd like to blog about & it seems my fingers are typing unusually fast tonight. Maybe the 30 degree temp. is keeping me moving, but I like it. I'm a one finger typer (yes, it's true & I'm embarrassed to admit it) & I make alot of mistakes as I go, so it takes me a really long time to get my words out on the screen. A typing class is on my list of things I'd like to accomplish- but that is a blog for another night.

I want to tell you about my new job! Well, I think my new job. It's not official yet, but it seems promising. I have been searching for a job but I want one that I really enjoy- I don't just want to scan groceries all day & I don't want to clean houses again, but nothing seems to jump out at me. I want a job where I can really use my abilities & where I enjoy going every morning. Something that becomes more to me than just a job that I can do while my son is in school. I've not been sure what that is, but it's getting to the point in our finances that I have to do something- & SOON. A few weeks ago I got this call from a friend of the family telling me about an opportunity she thought would suit me. There are more than a few obstacles in taking on this job, so I had pretty much written it off. She is the kind, though, that, doesn't let things go- thankfully for me- so I checked into it. You know, it just might be what I've been looking for!

I went for an interview today in the home of an elderly couple. I will be their caretaker of sorts. The wife officially has alzhiemers but is in the early stages of the disease. She is just realizing that she is forgetting & not able to do things that she used to do & I can tell it is frustrating her. The husband, I can tell, is under alot of stress about this whole thing. The daughter who is down for a visit is really worried about them & has taken charge of alot in their home, much to the obvious displeasure of her mother. There is alot of tension- it would all be so hard. Their doctor is the one who suggested that they get someone to come in & help them & was the one to set this whole last-minute thing up; so at this point none of us are certain what it is that I need to be doing. I am a pretty easy going person so I don't mind the figure-it-out-as-I-go & make-alot-of-mistakes-in-the-process aspect of it all. I'm up for the challenge! I'm not nieve, though- I know this will be tough at times, & I am a bit nervous about it all. But I've learned in my life that God just seems to drop these kind of odd things into my life for one reason or another (and right when I need them) so I know I can't pass this up. I'm looking forward to what I will learn & what might come from this. I'm looking forward to this new adventure.
Listen to me, I'm talking like I have the job & I don't yet. Tomorrow I go again to take them to get some bloodwork done & I'm not sure what else. I think they just want to spend a bit more time with me before they decide if they like me or not. I will post tomorrow evening to let you know how it goes. Pray for me! I'm nervous!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I know, I know! It has been almost an entire week since I last posted. How boring! Truth is, I've been struggling all along with this whole thing. I love to blog & I love the friendships I've made with you all. I want so much to visit everyone's site, find new friends, & leave lots of comments. Change up my page, find new music, get lots of neat awards... It would be so great to have 50 or more followers like so many of you have. That's 50 friends & comrades! How fun! In the beginning I was so wrapped up in this, always thinking of what I wanted to write & obsessing over every detail! I didn't care how long it took me. Though I love to blog I don't like how long it demands me to be in front of the computer. I didn't like being obsessed. But I don't like, either, to not be very interested. I am having trouble finding a happy medium. Knowing that I don't want to be at my computer for hours really discourages me from vising everyone & even posting on my own page. It takes the fun out of it, so it's not on my mind as much as I'd like it to be. How do you ladies do it?
One thing I do want to say is that I have 8 followers & I am darn proud of every one of them. You all are so faithful to me even when I am boring, & that kind of love is enough to make a girl cry. I enjoy sharing a bit of myself with you & love getting a peek into your world. I apologize to you for not visiting your sites as much as I would like to visit. You girls are awesome! I love you all.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Disney Trip!

Over the weekend we took our son to his first trip to Disney World! It was so much fun!! Seeing Disney through his eyes added a new level of excitement to the day. I'm not going to write much (I have one of those dreaded, turn-your-brain-to-mush & make-your-stomach-churn, really painful migraines again), but I thought I'd post a picture or two.
(Question?: Do you take lots of pictures, thinking you are o-so-creative, only to be sorely disappointed when you get them home & look at them? I thought I took lots of great ones but with all that we did, what I captured on camera certainly didn't journal our experience. Oh, well. I think I need to take a photography class & also learn how to do cool stuff on my computer with them. I bet most of you "Martha Stewart" types already know how! I bet you don't go a day before you already have them all nice & pretty in a scrapbook! I only wish I were that put-together.)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Open Heart Update

I know those of you who follow my blog also follow the blog of my best friend, Shannon. So I know you've read her blog where her hubby has updated us on how her surgery did today. I am sooooo very thankful! I just spoke to Shannon's sister & she told me that Shannon is awake now & off the ventilator- another answer to prayer. This means that her heart is doing very well, as they were going to keep her on the anestesia over night if it wasn't. I'm so relieved to know that she doesn't have to be under all night & that she is breathing on her own. Awake is GOOD! She is still groggy but apparently her sense of humor is bright eyed. They said she is in ALOT of pain & will be for a few weeks, so pray for her pain & also that she just continues to do so well. Praise the Lord! I am jumping up & down inside! Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Open Heart Prayer

Good Morning, All! I wanted to remind you to stop now & say a prayer for Shannon. If you've been keeping up with her blog, you know that she is having open heart surgery tomorrow morning. She has to be there at 5 a.m. The kids are with grandparents, & she & her husband made the trip to Charleston yesterday to be ready for the morning. Now she's just basically waiting, & I know she's going through alot of feelings right now, as anyone would. Pray for her peace of mind today, & for the doctors tomorrow. It is a 6 hour surgery & I will let you know something as soon as I hear. Thankyou for your friendship & care. I know it means alot to her as it does me. Keep praying! Jessica

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Beginnings

My hubby snapped this picture on Christmas Eve while we were baking christmas cookies for Santa.

I am soooo sad that my son is going back to school. I have enjoyed him being home so much that I don't want things to change again. I know, I know, he's only really gone for 6 hrs in the day, but back to school also means back to a busier schedule all around. It's just different. This vacation time has made me realize that I need to make the most of enjoying his time home & not be caught up in other less important things. I thank the Lord for he & my hubby who fill my life with laughter & love. I feel so very blessed.